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Celebrating all things Visual

Sunday 17th June 12.00 PMseminar new time

Glenys Hoskins-Hill | Le Forge

 Glenys2Ever look at your store and wonder how do I keep this fresh?

Do you have product arriving in store by the boxload and wonder how will I ever make this into a visual symphony?

Join Glenys Hoskins-Hill from Le Forge Furniture and Homewares as she shares some simple tips on how to style your space.

A relaxed chat for making the most of your store's uniqueness. Create an inspired look using simple tips and fun cost-effective ideas.

Glenys has over 21 years in furniture and homewares wholesaling and can bring a wealth of experience through her role as key buyer and merchandiser for her company. Her philosophy of keeping it fresh, new and innovative will help tell your individual story to your customer.



Digital Disruption - The opportunities & challenges facing NZ retailers

Sunday 17th June 2.30 PM

Dr. John Murray, Massey University

John Murray6

In this session, John will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by NZ retailers resulting from digital disruption. Including;

The impact of internet shopping and online platforms on NZ retail sales.

How consumer behaviour has changed over the last few of years, and how online shopping has fueled such changes.

How digital is reimaging the retail landscape in NZ and internationally. This will include a discussion of how the digital environment offers consumers new and evolving shopping experiences (including, for example, the use of interactive digital displays, augmented and virtual realities, mobile clienteling, bots and artificial intelligence), and retailers with new business models and modes of fulfillment (such as click-and-collect models).

An examination of the future of (physical) retail property, with a discussion focusing on how, why, and to what extent, technologies should be integrated within in-store operations, the need to further and more successfully apply the principles of design and architecture both internally to a store and its exterior, as well as the increasing imperative to consider experiential marketing and branding practices.

In the final section of the seminar, John will discuss how retailers of different sizes and operating in different sectors can harness the possibilities of the digital environment to their own advantage, whilst preparing themselves for new ways of doing retailing, as well as successfully competing with new firms from both NZ and from overseas entering the NZ marketplace.



Celebrating all things Visual (Repeat of Sunday’s seminar)

seminar new time
Monday 18th June 12.00 PM

Glenys Hoskins-Hill | Le Forge



The internet and your customers…lets make life easier for you and them!

Monday 18th June 2.30 PM

Ric Horsfall, Web Ninja NZ

Web Ninja

Information technology has transformed the way companies conduct business. Technology allows businesses to automate manual operations and process information much faster.

Business technology has changed the way we do business, through personal computers, server storage and point-of-sale or systems, but the major technological advancement is the Internet.

The Internet has created an entire business function commonly referred to ecommerce,

Ric Horsfall - General Manager and Director of Web Ninja NZ will take you on a journey from the possible to the actionable, providing insight into developing technologies and customer exceptions in the ecommerce/internet world.





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