winter 2018 New Products

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1. PROPEL BRANDS - STAND 69 introducing an organic, fair trade menís skin and beard care range, Valor. P 09 308 9077 or E
2. KIWI GENERAL STORE - STAND 28 “Trevor the Smelliest Dog Ever” is the latest book by Samantha Laugesen, author of Luke the Pook “Stuck in Poo”, illustrated by Scott Tulloch. 3. PROPEL BRANDS - STAND 69 MOR Bohemienne, transcend into a utopia of gypsy enchantment where bohemian bouquets of White Jasmine, Strawberry and Orange charm and bewitch the spirit. 4. MOANA ROAD - STAND 1 Moana Rd’s NEW fully wireless Nga Taringa 2.0 headphones come with a cool new feature - twist out speakers!! Check them out at stand 1 5. THE LITTLE IMPORT COMPANY – STAND 44 One of the many textures & colour stories that are incorporated in our 2018 exclusive Christmas collection.6. TIKITIBU - STAND 66 NEW Silicone Beehive Hot Water Bottle, food grade Silicone, microwaveable and simply stunning.7. BLUE PLANET ECO FRIENDLY READERS - STAND 67 Introducing our new Rowyn reader. Simply round and beautiful. In three new wearable colours – Matte Brown / Frost Clear / and Grey Tortoise. Sustainably Sourced / Responsibly Produced. 8. PROPEL BRANDS - STAND 69 Tilley Coffee A fresh, hydrating and indulgent, the antioxidant properties of natural ingredients in Tilleyís Coffee Scrubs combine to leave skin silky and nourished. 9. LE FORGE - STAND 20 & 35 Olive and Tiger by Le Forge incorporates unique, contemporary styling and specialises in creating trend driven products to meet the ever-changing market. 10. PROPEL BRANDS - STAND 69 Cote Noireís beautiful life-like flower arrangements come with a bottle of scented perfume, spray directly onto the flowers to refresh & scent the room. (Carmelia Rose)

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