spring 2019 Seminars


We invite you to attend our largest ever Spring Gift Fair seminar series. We have an inspiring line up of Free seminars scheduled each day.

Located in the Seminar Lounge on the stage in Hall 5.


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Smart & Easy Ways To Simplify Your Digital Transformation.

Sunday 25th August 12.00 PM
Ric Horsfall | Web Ninja

If you, like many business owners, are struggling to keep up with the speed of digital transformation, then this session will help you to hone your energy into tools that will work for your business.  You will come away with some easy ways to help grow your digital footprint and connect with more customers.  

Ric Horsfall - Director of Web Ninja NZ gives his advice on how small business can find their feet in the digital era.  Learn how to adapt and evolve in the digital age with useful tips in plain language that we all can understand.

Ric has established a reputation for exceeding customer expectations, developing long-standing effective relationships with clients and leading multi-million-dollar business units within companies such as NZME, Fisher & Paykel Finance and MYOB

He has a depth expertise in a wide range of industry sectors including IT/Software Development, Retail, Franchising, and Call Centre Management and now is Director of success eCommerce company Web Ninja Limited 



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Good Growth.  It Start's With You.

Sunday 25th August  2.00 PM
Liz Wotherspoon | The Icehouse

Growth matters - good growth that is profitable and sustainable.  This requires being deliberate and disciplined.  Business owners need to have a systematic way of looking at their opportunities for growth. Momentum these days is incredible so pace is important.

This session will highlight some of the things that business owners should be thinking about, some of the questions they should be asking and some tips and ideas on why growth is important and how to go about it.  

Liz joined The Icehouse in 2006 as Director of Growth and Coaching.  Responsible for leading a wide range of activities, Liz is focused on improving the capabilities to grow established SMEs.  Liz has spent most of her career contributing to the success of organisations through working with them to develop their most important asset – people. Liz has held various management roles at a wide variety of organisations such as Grafton Consulting Group, TMP Worldwide and the NZ Institute of Management. These have all contributed to her extensive skillset as a consultant on organisation design and structure, role and competence profiling and performance management, just to name a few.

Originally from New York City, Liz holds a B.A. in Psychology and Business from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. 


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Visual Merchandising: The Clothing Edition.

Monday 26th August 11.00 AM
Genevieve Flynn | Robert Mark Gifts & Homeware

Visual merchandising can be very challenging.  In this session Gen will take you through keeping organised so your customers can shop easily, effectively dressing mannequins for displays, using senses beyond just sight and how to make white space work for you.  This session will re-inspire you for your next visual merchandising challenge!

 Genevieve Flynn has trained as a window display artist over twenty years ago and has been involved in all aspects of visual displays ever since.  From a hard-working shop assistant to managing entire shop make-overs, Genevieve has worked in all aspects of the retail and wholesale giftware/homeware.  She is currently involved in creating fabulous visual displays for various companies and in Australasian Gift Fair set-ups. 


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 Retail Refresh: Buying Right & Styling Right

Monday 26th August 2.00PM
Jetona Bajram-Giummarra & Melissa Robbins | The Lot.co

With over 20yrs experience in retail as owner-operators, buyers, wholesale agents and more, thelotco team will help you better understand your customer, buy and source the right products and style them using key visual merchandising techniques for greater impact in your store. 

We will share our strongest sales and marketing strategies, new promotion ideas, tips on how to achieve higher margin and new ways to sell.  With Christmas fast approaching thelotco want to help you achieve the best product mix for your customer base, share creative in-store displays and packaging ideas that will make your customers come back again and again! 

Change is good and we guide you on how to evolve and grow your retail business. 

We will help you refresh your store using cost-effective techniques and in turn increase sales.



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How to Effectively Market Your Business On Social Media

Tuesday 27th August 11.00 AM
Wendy Thompson | Socialites

Social Media is not going away, for many small businesses the idea of embracing social media as a marketing tool can be daunting.  What platforms should you use? How often should you post? What should you post? How do you know what you’re doing is actually working? Find out how to successfully market your business on social media with some simple tools, tips and tricks to get you on track and in growth mode.

Presented by marketer and entrepreneur Wendy Thompson, the founder and CEO of Socialites - 2018 Australasian Social Media Agency of the Year. Socialites help small and large businesses use social media to connect with their communities through award-winning campaigns, managed service packages, an online academy and executive coaching.

Wendy was a finalist in the 2018 Women of the Year Awards, has been the Lead Marketing Judge for the Westpac Business Awards for the last 4 years, was awarded the Ernst & Young Winning Women Scholarship in 2015, as well as picking up a place for Socialites on the Deloitte Fast 50. She also sits on the board of the Entrepreneur Organisation NZ Chapter.

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