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11:00 AM Ensure your Business is Compliant with the Coming Payroll Changes
Tony Palm, Crystal Payroll
1:00 PM  Using Colour to Style your Space and Working with the Pantone Colour of the Year
Aimee Crosby, Sienna Reid
11:00 AM Disruption: The Opportunities & Challenges Facing NZ Retailers
Professor Jonathan Elms, Massey University
1:00 PM

Tips & Tricks for Getting your Business Online
Ric Horsfall, Web Ninja

11:00 AM

The Key to Good Social Media
Jessica Whiting, Oh Gosh

1:00 PM How to Achieve your Business Goals - Break Down the Barriers
Lisa Ford, Business Mentors

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tony palm3Ensure your Business is Compliant with the Coming Payroll Changes
Tom Palm, Crystal Payroll

11:00 AM Sunday 4 March 2018

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with growing your business is generally the need to employ staff. With employing staff comes the big C – Compliance, with the Department of Labour and the IRD requirements. These include the Holidays Act 2003, which is the most dif cult of all the compliance requirements. The expectation is that, regardless of your nature of your business, you are also either an employment specialist or you have a system or systems that assist with this compliance.

Registering with the IRD as an employer also appoints you as a ‘tax agent’ for the government, where you will be required to deduct tax (mostly PAYE) from your staff and submit it to the IRD. With the employment of staff comes great responsibility and great punishment for non-compliance.

The subject of this session may well sound a little disturbing, but it could save you a whole lot of money too. The knowledge gained here will hopefully result in action taken, which will not only save you tens of thousands of dollars, but also a lot of heart-ache.

Crystal Payroll provides a solution, but what you hear today is not simply a sales pitch or scare tactics. Some real-life horror stories can break the back of a small business or seriously dent the bank balance. The damage to your business’ reputation can also set your business back.

This session will also cover another three c’s in choosing a payroll solution, namely Convenience, Customer service and Costs.

aimee crosbeeColour to Style your Space + Working with the Pantone Colour of the Year
Aimee Crosby, Sienna Reid

1:00 PM Sunday 4 March 2018

Aimee is the creative brain behind the amazing Floral & Event Stylists - Sienna Reid
and stylist for the Pantone Colour of 2018
- Brought to Life feature area. Come and be inspired by Aimee’s love for all things bright and beautiful and marvel at her out of the box creativity.

Join Aimee for an informative chat about her inspiration when styling the feature area – Pantone Colour of 2018 – Brought to Life. Challenged with the task of creating something WOW out of a haphazard selection of products whose only link is the Pantone Colour of the year – Ultra Violet. Peek inside her brain to understand the process behind her styling in this area. And hear her ideas for replicating this in your own retail environment.

Aimee will also highlight other creative ways of using colour to create amazing displays and identify ways to use colour to enhance your customers' sensory experience instore.

• Creative ideas for colour themed styling.
• Colour parings for the colour of the year
• How colours affect a customer’s shopping experience • Telling a story through colour
• Styling to create an engaging visitor experience

Be sure to visit the PANTONE Colour of 2018 – Brought to Life feature display before this presentation to get the most out of this seminar. 

jonathan elmsDisruption: The Opportunities & Challenges Facing NZ Retailers
Proffessor Jonathan Elms, Massey University

11:00 AM Monday 5 March 2018

In this session, Jonathan will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by NZ retailers resulting from digital disruption. Including;

The impact of internet shopping and online platforms on NZ retail sales.

How consumer behaviour has changed over the last few of years, and how online shopping has fueled such changes.

How digital is reimaging the retail landscape in NZ and internationally? This will include a discussion of how the digital environment offers consumers new and evolving shopping experiences (including, for example, the use of interactive digital displays, augmented and virtual realities, mobile clienteling, bots and arti cial intelligence), and retailers with new business models and modes of ful llment (such as click-and-collect models).

An examination of the future of (physical) retail property, with a discussion focusing on how, why, and to what extent, technologies should be integrated within in-store operations, the need to further and more successfully apply the principles of design and architecture both internally to a store and its exterior, as well as the increasing imperative to consider experiential marketing and branding practices.

In the final section of the seminar, Jonathan will discuss how retailers of different sizes and operating in different sectors can harness the possibilities of the digital environment to their own advantage, whilst preparing themselves for new ways of doing retailing, as well as successfully competing with new rms from both NZ and from overseas entering the NZ marketplace. 

ric forstallTips & Tricks for Getting your Business Online
Ric Horsfall, Web Ninja

1:00 PM Monday 5 March 2018

Information technology has transformed the way companies conduct business. Technology allows businesses to automate manual operations and process information much faster.

Business technology has changed the way we do business, through personal computers, server storage and point-of-sale or systems, but the major technological advancement is the Internet.

The Internet has created an entire business function commonly referred to e-commerce,
Ric Horsfall - General Manager and Director of Web Ninja NZ will take you on a journey from the possible to the actionable, providing insight into developing technologies and customer exceptions in the e-commerce/internet world. 


11:00 AM Tuesday 6 March 2018

The key to any good social media is having a good plan in place with a consistent voice, sometimes this is easier said and than done! Hear some tips from Jessica of Oh Gosh on how to set your tone of voice, and a starting point to manage your own social pages while keeping your brand consistent and cohesive.

Jessica Whiting is a dedicated designer with a background in digital and print marketing, combine those two together and you have a recipe for a strong brand image. Jessica has over 10 years experience, not only working with some of New Zealand's most recognised household brands but unique boutique companies and through her own personal brand, Foxes Blog and more recently. 


lisa fordHow to Achieve your Business Goals - Break Down the Barriers
Lisa Ford, Business Mentors

1:00 PM Tuesday 6 March 2018

Being in business can be frustrating and business owners keep running into the same barriers that stop their growth and motivation. Let’s pull down those barriers block by block and look at ways and resources available that we can help motivate you to grow your business:

Business Mentors has just carried out extensive research through our volunteer business mentors and business owners on the barriers to success for business owners – we will share our ndings on online marketing, lonliness and business planning and give you some insights on what yoofan do better

  • Explore the current resources available to help you

  • Look at any funding available

  • Fundamentals for business success

  • Let us be a stimulus to help you succeed

  • Role of a mentor – how can they help

    Business Mentors New Zealand Limited is a not-for-pro t organisation dedicated to supporting the success and growth of small businesses through the knowledge and experience of our volunteer mentors.

    Today we are fortunate to have the support of nearly 2,000 volunteer mentors who give their time, skills and experience to the community and help local business people to succeed.

    That level of accumulated support and knowledge helps make us the leading business mentoring service provider to the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector in New Zealand. We operate a network of Mentor Managers based at Regional Business Partners (RBPs) who perform a range of functions and represent the service in their local area. 

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